7 rules to success in VOCABULARY

‘Words are the instruments that make thought possible’.
Yes words are very powerful indeed! The words we use reflect our personality. They also show the commitment we have for our life. Your mastery over Vocabulary will secure you greater and powerful places in life. Mentioned underneath are some very powerful methods for Vocabulary Learning suggested by experts. Practicing them will certainly yield best results.

1. Mimic the words: I always wonder how I learned my mother’s language. It was never a conscious effort. So it is for all of us. Then why is that we have trouble learning a new language? It’s because we never implement the methods that we adopted as children for learning a language. As children we imitated all the words spoken by our parents and relatives. That’s how we learned.

The same method can be implemented for learning a new language. Just copy/imitate the new words spoken by your seniors, friends, celebrities, sports personalities, teachers, lecturers etc. Imitation makes learning easier. Note all the interesting and new words they use, as well as their methods of delivery.

2. Play with words: Nothing can be learned under stress. Enjoy the process of accumulating new words to your language. Say them aloud. Share them with your friends and relatives. Use them in context whenever, wherever possible. Organize small vocabulary learning groups with your friends and have weekly meets. All these things will make learning vocabulary extremely enjoyable.

3. Look out for unknown words: Don’t be content with known words. Try to look out for new words, words that you never heard. If you get intimidated seeing a new word you will never learn it. Instead consider it an opportunity and learn the word, the meaning and pronunciation.

4. Give your brain a healthy diet: It means keep your brain active and agile by feeding it with information, nutrition, oxygen and love. And one of the brain’s major sources of information is vocabulary and words. So feed your brain with adequate number of words in order to keep it healthy. Feed some ‘fresh’ words to your brain every now and then and do not starve your brain too long. (Smiles).

5. Learn from your mistakes: Please do not feel embarrassed if you do not know the meaning/pronunciation of any word. Do not worry if you have given a wrong meaning to a particular word. To err is human. Remember mistakes alone expedite/catalyze learning.

6. Become friends with words: One best way to remember words and that too forever is becoming friends with them. By using them in novel contexts every now and then and getting back to them time and again to refresh your relation with them.

7. Stay committed: Commitment is an essential ingredient of a successful life. You need to stay committed to the pursuit of adding to your vocabulary. Only then will you master it one day.

Teaching is a sort of art.

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